Women are so entitled

She walked in on me unexpectedly. Amina had been gone for 3 weeks. She had told me it was over between us and had moved out. That was despite the fact that I protested my innocence. She would not give me a hearing and ended things.

Years of a beautiful relationship thrown to the winds because her friend told her I did something.

So, I moved on too. Nobody is that important. My father, a respectable old soul with strong principles, had taught me well. I will never forget the day he said to me, “Son, nobody is that important to your well-being. Never grovel or beg to be with a woman. If she wants to go, let her go. Never be afraid to move on.”

And so, when Amina chose to believe her friend and subsequently packed her stuff and walked into the sunset, I moved on too.

What did she want now?

“I am sorry, Emeka.” She was barely audible. “I was wrong. I am sorry I didn’t believe you. I am sorry I didn’t even hear you out.”

I stayed seated and stared blankly at the beautiful, curvy figure that stood before me. I had no words for her. To be honest, I had no idea what to think. And when I have no words, I keep quiet.

She sighed, picked up her bag, turned around and headed out the door.

I made no move to stop her. Women are such an entitled bunch. If the tables were switched, she would expect, even demand, that I jump through a hundred and one hoops to apologise and beg and plead to be accepted back by her.

But because she has a virginius, she expected that all she had to do was mumble some words of sorry at me and I would jump to welcome her back.

I love Amina. But if she is offended that I did not jump to welcome her back, that is fine. My emotions are not a light bulb that can be flipped on and off with a switch. It takes a certain level of entitlement for anyone to think they can walk out and walk in whenever and the other’s emotions would adjust at a moment’s notice.

I deserve a life without that kind of attitude and there is always someone else out there more deserving of my love.

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