Why every business needs the startup spirit

There used to be a clear distinction between the established business and a startup. The established business has a proven revenue model, while the startup is still experimenting to find one. While established businesses may have products and services with proven revenue models and be selling well in the market, it is in their best interest to constantly experiment with new ideas just as if they were a startup. Why?


The business landscape keeps changing so fast, especially as ICT makes new approaches possible. What is a sound revenue model today can easily be upset tomorrow by someone who shows up with a better or different way of offering that service. If someone shows up to do that on your turf, as a business, there goes your revenue. Poof!

All over the world, businesses that have been running profitably for years are embracing the startup culture through side projects and experiments. They continue to sell via the models and channels that are currently working for them, but they smartly play around with crazy new ideas on the side. And sometimes, some of those ideas pay off to keep them on the leading edge.

As a business, you are better off if you can disrupt yourself than wait till someone else comes along to do it. No matter how solid your current business model is, embrace the startup spirit to increase your chances of success.

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