When love sucks

The one you want doesn’t want you, is unavailable or is taken. The one who wants you, you don’t want.

The one you want that wants you lives on another continent or in another country.

The one that wanted you last month, but whom you didn’t want then, has moved on, though you have had a change of heart and you now want.

The one you want, who wants you and who you committed to takes you for granted till it doesn’t matter any more.

It is mostly a chain of sorry tales about the wanted, the unwanted and unmet wants. No wonder most of the “great” “love” stories and songs are stories of tragedy. Once in a while, this love thing churns out a fairy tale. But for the most part, you have to admit: love truly sucks.

NB: This piece was inspired by a series of tweets by Detoxified and Komole Bot.



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