What Tompolo’s new missile boats can do

Missil boat

There have been reports of the recent acquisition of six decommissioned Norwegian missile boats by ex-militant warlord, Government Ekpemupolo, also known as Tompolo.

A missile boat or missile cutter is a small warship armed with anti-ship missiles. While smaller than many other types of warships, a small missile boat that is equipped with guided anti-ship missiles can pose a serious threat to much larger warships. 1971. During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, two Indian missile boats were key in destroying half of the Pakistani Navy.

So, while Tompolo’s high-speed Hulk-class guided missile boats may be cheaper and smaller than some of the Navy’s warships, they are not exactly insignificant. Such armament in the hands of a private individual should be cause for concern. In all, Tompolo is said to now be in possession of 7 of such ships.

The Nigerian Navy fleet mainly comprises of a handful of frigates/corvettes (which are larger in size) and about the same number of fast attack crafts as Tompolo’s missile boats. Missile boats and fast attack crafts have many similar characteristics.

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