Weekend games: The tale of the malfunctioning goalkeeper

Well, well, well. What a weekend. Lots of fun and excitement, and all that. The UEFA Champions League group stage concluded last week, so all eyes were on the various leagues in Europe. The leagues did not disappoint. The English Premier League in particular was fabulous. Did you hear the one about the malfunctioning goalkeeper? Yep, there were a lot of those last weekend.

Claudio Bravo is the keeper with the most eyes on him. He came in to Manchester City just because, well, you know why he came there. Last weekend, he went along with his teammates to face Leicester City, the defending champions of the Premier League. However, they came out of that tie with their tails between their legs. Manchester City suffered one of their most humiliating defeats this season. Jamie Vardy finally arose from his goal-scoring slumber, and he marked his return to the land of the living with a neat hat-trick. The malfunctioning goalkeeper this time was not Ron-Robert Zieler, who has been quite poor this season. It was Claudio Bravo. Again.

Everyone wants to be reminded of how exactly Claudio Bravo came to Manchester City, since the man he replaced was so good. Joe Hart once again showed what class of goalkeeper he is (read: world-class) when Torino took on Juventus. Though the match ended 3-1 in favor of the Italian champions, Joe Hart was no malfunctioning goalkeeper. However, you really can’t stop Juventus from scoring, no matter how world-class you are. Also, Joe Hart was arguably better in goal than Claudio Bravo was for City last weekend. So there’s that to consider.

More on the malfunctioning goalkeepers in a moment. There’s this guy in Real Madrid called Keylor Navas. He is one of the best keepers in the world, hence his position at Real Madrid. However, recently his performance has been fluctuating, which has put Madrid in danger of losing their unbeaten streak. If not for the unstoppable Sergio Ramos (again! Seriously, what’s Madrid going to do without this guy?), Real Madrid would have been just three points above Barcelona in the league. So, I would call Mr. Keylor Navas a malfunctioning goalkeeper. For the moment, at least.

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