Understanding Depression, via @VirtualClinicNG


The VIRTUAL CLINIC is a Twitter-based service that provides instant qualitative health tips and advice from qualified healthcare professionals. Earlier today, they ran a series of tweets on mood disorders, with a specific focus on depression.

Here, we share key information from the series.

Depression is a mood disorder characterised by persistent state of undue sadness and impairment of daily activities.

Depression Facts

  • Females are TWICE as likely to have depression than males.
  • Depression is more common in rural areas than in urban areas.
  • Depression can occur at any age but the incidence is rising in those < 20 years.
  • Depression occurs most often in people without close interpersonal relationships.
  • Divorced, separated or suddenly bereaved people are also more prone to #Depression.

3 Cardinal Symptoms of Depression

  1. reduced energy or feeling extremely tired
  2. loss of interest in activities that one used to find pleasurable or enjoyable
  3. persistently low mood occurring for most of the day, nearly every day

If you think you are depressed, The VIRTUAL CLINIC can assist with information about what you need to do next.

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