UCL: Unusual group winners know their next opponents today

This year, a strange thing happened in the UEFA Champions League. Normally, there are teams that always finish as group winners. Then there are traditional second-place teams. This season, however, there was a mix-up in the order of things. Some first-place teams finished second (such horror!). Then some second-place teams finished as group winners (what?).

Last season, teams like Bayern Munich and Real Madrid were comfortable on top of their groups. Both teams went all the way to the semi-finals, and Real Madrid won the trophy. This season, however, both teams are runners-up in their groups. Shocking, but there’s a twist to the story that might just turn out perfect for them. The surprise group winners this season include Arsenal (haha) and Leicester City. Now imagine that the draw puts Arsenal against Bayern Munich. Get it?

However you look at it, this year is not really the year of the group winners. Granted, Barcelona, Juventus and Sevilla are among the group winners this year, but they all face the daunting prospect of facing off against these two beasts. Manchester City are among the lucky ones this season, in spite of finishing second. They don’t get to face Barcelona (unless they run into the craziest kind of luck possible). However, Real Madrid and Bayern might be the lucky(ish) ones. So let’s keep our fingers crossed. The draw will be held today.

Here’s another interesting draw: Borussia Dortmund vs Paris St Germain. I really hope this particular match will happen. I mean, just imagine the excitement that this match will create. It’s surely going to be a crazy math-up, if it happens. Also, who will Leicester City face? This is another draw I would love to see: Leicester City vs Bayer Leverkusen. I can only hope these things come to pass; for all I know, Real Madrid might just draw Leeicester City, and Dortmund might get Arsenal. Monaco and Napoli nko? In fact, let’s just wait for the draws to happen. Enough with the projecting.

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