UCL: Bayern Munich face poor old Arsenal again

Guys, the Champions League draws have taken place. And, boy oh boy, have they been intriguing. The Champions league group stage was exciting, no doubt. But I can only hope that you guys can handle the level of awesome that is coming your way in February. Here are the Round of 16 pairings for the Champions League.

Bayern Munich will face Arsenal. Again. Seriously, guys, I’m beginning to think that this thing is rigged against Arsenal. I mean, come on. Of all the round of 16 pairings, this is the most repeated in history. Both clubs have met four times at this stage. Bayern Munich have won everything; they have never failed to knock out Arsenal in the knock-out stage. It’s almost like they don’t want Arsenal to progress. . . However, this season seems to be different. Arsenal are enjoying a beautiful run of form, and they have few injury problems. Well, we will know for sure by February.

Real Madrid will play against Napoli. This is quite particularly favorable, Napoli do not seem like the team that would break Madrid’s dominance in the Champions League. Well, for now it looks that way. However, the new year might bring some surprises. Best to just sit back and watch this happen. Anyways, let us just wait and see Real Madrid’s quarter-final opponents, shall we?

Barcelona and Paris St Germain will lock horns once again. Hey, wait a minute, this means that Arsenal just dodged a major bullet, for all the good it did for them. Apparently, whether they finished first or second, there was going to be trouble anyway. well, PSG have their work cut out for them now.

Atletico Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen. This tie looks particularly mouthwatering. Atletico might be struggling in La Liga right now, but they are the team that nobody ever wants to face. The team that beat Bayern munich for two consecutive seasons is surely not to be sniffed at. Yet, Benefica are also a fearsome team in their own right. Mouthwatering, therefore.

Manchester City will play against Monaco, and this might just be the pick of the bunch. Both teams have lots of potential for a frenzied display, and Monaco are scoring goals anyhow. Manchester City have the best manager in the world, Pep Guardiola. Forget their domestic troubles; they still got it.

Porto would have loved to avoid all the major clubs. I’m pretty sure that when they were drawn up against Juventus, the reaction was the same as when Arsenal was drawn up against Bayern Munich. Well, they have to put up a brave face and fight to the end. I’m sure they can do that.

Leicester City had a fairly easy introduction to Champions League football. Bar their 5-0 trouncing at Porto’s hands, they had been in top-notch form in the UCL. The round of 16 pairings certainly seem to have dealt them a kind hand; they are paired with Sevilla. Well, maybe not so much of a kind hand, but certainly not as bad as Bayern Munich. Wait, why is Bayaern Munich coming up so much?

Last, but certainly not least, Borussia Dortmund will take on Benefica. Well, this promises to be exciting. The real question, however, is who Dortmund will face in the quarterfinals. Because it sure doesn’t look like Benefica will pull a miracle from their hats.

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