True Story: When strangers surprise you with good deeds


It is so refreshing when strangers surprise you with good deeds. I was reminded today. Like the time I lost my Blackberry at Hartlepool and a good chap found it, contacted me and I got it back. And like the time I was lost in Port Harcourt as a kid, and this gentleman found me and took me home [story for another day]. Then there is this married couple that I met in March 2010. They did a very good thing for me in Abuja. I want to find them and thank them again.

I had just gotten my first job offer and I was to get inducted at Abuja, along with the others inductees. X-39. I flew from Owerri to Abuja. That was my first ever flight. At Owerri Airport, I did a favour to a lady with a baby. I don’t remember exactly what it was. Maybe I let her get ahead of me in queue. Anyway the flight landed safely in Abuja. My friends there had told me how to get into Asokoro. I was to take a bike from Domestic Wing to the airport expressway, then wait for a bus heading into Abuja. I was to alight at my destination.

I was also told about the option to take a taxi straight from the airport to my destination. But I didn’t have that kind of money. 🙂 The money I used for my flight was from the prize money I won during the training that led to that job. The flight was booked cheap with Aero. I was still quite broke back then. I also hated asking my parents for money. To make matters worse, I was not a hustler. I still am not.

Anyway, I got the bike to the expressway junction and was waiting for an available bus. I was already about 30 minutes behind schedule. I was starting to sweat and worry, when a car approached from the airport and turned towards Abuja.

Suddenly the car stopped and reversed to me. In it was the lady with the baby. Driving was her husband! She remembered the favour I had done for her at Owerri and told her husband. So I was given a lift into the city. We were all talking and I told them why I was in Abuja. First job. Induction. Only second time in Abuja as an adult, etc. I told them where I was going to and told them to drop me at any appropriate place and I would take a taxi to my destination.

This couple drove me all the way to Asokoro for my induction. I didn’t even know until they told me we were there. I was so grateful and thanked them. But this is where I messed up: I didn’t get their contact details. Or they gave me and I lost the info. I don’t quite remember any more. They may have told me their names but I’ve forgotten. I also don’t recall their faces. 🙁

This is one problem with me. I am quite poor at networking, socializing and making friends. It is something I’ve struggled with all my life. But I’ve never forgotten that couple. I should have gotten their numbers or emails. 🙁 *covers face* I don’t know how to get in touch with them. I’m hoping there’s a small probable chance that they will read this.

I just want to thank them again, and properly. I hope their baby boy is in good health too.

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