Tribute: The Incredible President Barack Obama

Intelligent, delivers the greatest speeches, sings the house down, plays music, dances great, is a great standup comedian, connects with people at all levels, is elegant and aristocratic, yet can walk and talk and eat with common folks…. He was the Incredible President.

All that general talk of how a leader shouldnt act like this or that, shouldn’t be too playful or fun, shouldn’t be too accessible, bla bla bla…Water off a duck’s back.

Barack obama

Obama showed us things can be done differently. He redefined leadership. A leader doesn’t have to be stiff and boring to be effective or great. He is a model of what I have held firmly to my heart that a leader should be.

He is definitely an imperfect person, but that his ability to connect with people, that vibe that he gives off, that inspiration that he gives so effortlessly, is priceless.

I haven’t found as much inspiration in a single man in a long, long time. Thank you, Barack Hussein Obama. You will be missed.

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