This Valentine: Does Your Boo Have a Boo?

Valentine’s Day is very much around the corner. As such, plans are already on the way for most couples to spend the day together. Fortunately or unfortunately, this year’s date is on a Sunday. Perfect! Except that some people and their boos are not mutually exclusive and Valentine’s Day is a very good time to find out.

Is Your Boo Already Making Plans for a Trip Out Of Town?
An impromptu trip outta town for a very important business meeting or conference. In some very sleek cases, Le boo would have had this planned from January. Whatever the case, He isn’t going to be available on Valentine’s day. Be spooked!

Is He Going To His Parents That Weekend?
Denzel Washington attends the "The Taking Of Pelham 123" Japan Premiere at Yurakucho Marion on August 20, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. The film will open on September 4 in Japan.
As far as I can tell, Valentine is for lovers, not for parents or siblings . Le boo has however dedicated this special weekend to his first love: Parents. As cute as this sounds, it is a freaking red alert to being boo-lied. My dear, be careful.

TruBlocker or Other Blocking Apps Installed.
Your boo never had these call blocking apps installed, but all of a sudden, they have these installed and is blocking numbers as Val’s Day approaches. Or calls from “Plumber”, “Mechanic”, and the sort are suddenly being ignored. Warning flag! There is another boo somewhere. The only upside to this is that you ain’t the one getting blocked. If you can still get through, rejoice for thy boo is still thy boo. You’re just not exclusive. The other boo will be unblocked after Valentine.

He Is Going To Hang Out With The Guys.
Ma nigga
Like hell! Valentine is no weekend for the guys hanging out o. If anything of such must happen, it better include you in the picture. Like, who does that?

If you checked Yes to any of the points mentioned above, you can be rest assured that your boo has another boo. So, what are you gonna do now? Take it lightly or you equalize him out like Denzel did.
Your call.

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