There’s a team or three that I’m worried about. . .

Seriously, what’s wrong with these teams?

Since the beginning of football as a sport, we have supported various teams. Some of these teams have repaid our support fantastically. Some have even succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. But there are some dudes out there that somehow gained our trust, and proceeded to wreck the shit out of it. In fact, I’m kind of surprised that these teams have any fans at all at this point:

  1. Austria: These dudes were so good in 2015 and the early part of this year that they were considered favorites to win Euro 2016. But they had a tournament to forget, and have been in freefall since then. It’s almost like they have no more will to play football. I don’t know, but these guys could have done better in their games against Wales and Serbia. The amount of talent in this squad rivals that of the very best in Europe. So, I wonder what’s their problem?
  2. Turkey: I should not even bother talking about the Turks. They have been abysmal in every direction since Euro 2016. However, the main culprit, Arda Turan, has found his mojo at Barcelona. Other dudes on that team, like Emre Mor, have been impressive for their clubs. So, whats the deal with their national team?
  3. England: Okay, the Three Lions are going through tough times right now. But whose fault is it, really? Wayne Rooney has been underperforming of recent. This necessitated his removal from the first team. However, they still played badly against Slovenia. So bad, in fact, that their saving grace was none other than Joe Hart. The Torino loanee showed that he’s still good with his hands, even if he’s not so awesome with his feet. But his teammates showed that Rooney was probably not the problem.

These teams should sort themselves out abeg. We don’t need more heartbeak. Neither do we need more boring football. In fact, I’m packing my stuff up. Germany ti take over.

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