That’s How We Are Wired. Live With It

Many weeks ago, I had a brief Twitter interaction that sprang from the following tweet:

And then she asked him to leave her alone and then after he left, she wept all night. Why can’t ladies say exactly what’s in their mind?

I responded to the above with this: “Good question. Abeg, help us ask them!” And I got the following response:

That’s how we are wired. Live with it:p

That response is a good summary of the problem with cross-gender relationships: men are the way they are, and women are the way they are. That’s not going to change much. Women generally don’t say (and act) what they mean, though they are all up and excited when you talk about communicating in relationships. A woman loves a man, but chins him. Huh? A man loves a woman and can’t stay away from her. See?

The two genders are just wired differently for the most part. What I see is that one party generally tends to adopt the silly attitude that says, “Accept me 100% as I am, or get the heck out of my life!” And usually, the person who says this isn’t willing to accept the warts and chips of the other person. There lies the problem.

I have looked at this situation for years, and I see only two viable options:

Option One: Accept each other 100% as they are, warts and all, not complaining about anything about the other person. Or;

Option Two: Look to compromise and bend over for one another as much as possible.

Either option leads to harmony and no-one feels cheated. What works for one couple may not work for another. Perhaps there are other options that I have not considered? You tell me. Perhaps there are people who don’t mind accepting the other 100% as they are while compromising and bending all the way for them? I’d love to meet such people. Over to you.


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