Thanks for playing, USA!

It has been confirmed that the United States of America will play against Argentina in the semi finals of the 2016 Copa America Centenario. Wow, they have gone this far. Nice.

This is how it ends for them.

The USMNT have been amazing this year, with gripping performances against teams like Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador, and have shown that they are ready to step up and be counted among the world’s elite. But they are about to face Argentina, the world’s deadliest team. This is where I step I and say “Thanks for playing, USA. But it is time to, er, go home”.


The USMNT has participated in the Copa America four times, but they have made it past the group stage only once, which was in 1995. However, hey have the experience of reaching the semi finals of a major competition, which they did in 2009, when they faced Spain – and won. That was the 2009 Confederations Cup. You would want to fancy their chances in this semi final, right? Well, wrong. I do not see them winning this one. This time, there is no need to state the facts, because the fact is right there, staring us all in the face: Argentina is unbeatable.

On the other hand, there are miracles. There are surprises. Even the best of the best have off-days. Some of the Argentine stars are injured, Angel Di Maria for example. USA could at least hope for a really tough match, because they too have a slightly depleted squad. Jermaine Jones, Bobby Wood and Alejandro Bedoya will not be playing, and this is probably what will be their undoing, because these guys happen to be the tough guys in the squad. They are really going to struggle without these guys , especially Jermaine Jones. Not that they won’t suffer if he plays, but then he could have helped reduce the damage.

Anyways, the USA have had a great tournament, and they have made it to the semis for the first time. All I need to say to them right now is: “Una don try”.