“Tech on Wheels with CFA” debuts on Solid 100.9 FM Enugu

Lagos, Nigeria – In furtherance of its effort in educating Nigerians on the impacts and the trends of technology, CFAtech.ng, a leading technology media platform has extended its tentacles to Enugu, as the popular broadcasting programme “Tech on Wheels with CFA” kicks off on Solid 100.9FM, on Wednesday 1st February 2017.

The radio show, “Tech on Wheels with CFA”, which airs in Rivers State, Anambra State, and Abia State captures the attention of over 10 million listeners, with the aim of informing and educating Nigerians on the proper and efficient use of available tech tools for business, leisure and other ethical and legitimate purposes. As well as giving proper coverage to the massive innovations going on in the Nigerian tech ecosystem, while showcasing the best of technology/telecom products, devices, gadgets, tools, software and hardware solutions and other related products and services.

Tech On Wheels - Banner

According Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr (CFA), Founder of CFAtech.ng, and Presenter of Tech on Wheels with CFA Radio Show, “The Radio programme which is in line with the CFAtech.ng team mission is extending to Enugu and its environs which includes Anambra, Benue and Kogi states through Solid 100.9 FM every Wednesday by 11.00am.

“The CFAtech.ng team is doing all it can to spread the technology ‘gospel’ across the nooks and cranny of Nigeria. Today, the team creates daily and weekly content for multiple platforms which include TV, Print, Online and Radio. ‎And we are passionate about ensuring that other parts of Nigeria outside Lagos benefit from our wealth of knowledge and this opens us to a minimum of 10 million listeners across some states such as Rivers, Abuja, Abia and Anambra.”

He continued: “The challenge before any forward looking Nigeria is how to ensure that the younger generation who by the way are the leaders of tomorrow, are given the support required to make them productive citizens using technology as the foundation. Countries like India, Philippines, Bangladesh have all proven that technology can indeed take millions of young people off the streets. In reality, it is the ultimate empowerment tool in today’s world.”

“The show is designed to unique and inspirational which resonates with the CFA style, its not an extremely techy show, “its the kind of show anyone geeks and non-geeks can tune in and still enjoy”, he added.

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