TCN bemoans low water levels, fire razes power station, man smuggles car under firewood

Hello everyone; I welcome you all to yet another week full of promise. I have news for you too; last weekend was quite eventful. There was good news; also, there was bad news. Such is life, my friends. For starters, you would remember that last week, power generation dropped to 0MWH due to system collapse. Well, as of now, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) still has no answer to that particular question, so Nigeria is in darkness. But we don’t care, do we? We have our generators and solar inverters and stuff, don’t we?

Power drops from 3,959 MW to 2, 62 MW between 4-22 Jan, says TCN

Well, according to the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), power generation in the country dropped from 3,959 megawatts on the 4th of January to 2,662 megawatts on the 22nd. This plunge was a result of low water levels at the hydrothermal stations. Also, the TCN said that Nigeria’s power stations are capable of generating up to 7,000 megawatts. If only the Niger Delta militants would just stop blowing up their stuff!

Fire disrupts power generation in Rivers power station

There’s more on the power situation. Yesterday, at about 6.58 am, there was a fire in the Afam VI power station in Rivers state. According to the TCN, this fire completely destroyed the firm’s protection and control equipment, and thus worsened the country’s power supply. However, the cause of the fire is yet unknown. What can we do about this, folks?

Customs intercept car smuggled in under heap of firewood

While we are worrying about our notoriously erratic power supply, it looks like someone wanted a car really bad. Some dude tried to smuggle in a Toyota Saloon car across the border. He got caught by Customs officials, of course. However, the method he used to attempt this smuggling operation is quite interesting; he tried to bring in the car under a huge heap of firewood. This guy gets an A for effort, whoever he is. It doesn’t matter that he got caught. However, it is against the law to smuggle things into the country, so do not try this at home.

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