Students owe UNIOSUN N2bn, healer rapes patient, World Bank brings good news

Students owe UNIOSUN N2bn in school fees

Did you know that students owe the Osun State University (UNIOSUN) over 2 billion naira in school fees? How is that even possible? UNIOSUN Vice-Chancellor, prof. Olabode Popoola made this announcement during a press conference in Osogbo. He lamented the direness of the situation; in fact, according to him, UNIOSUN is in a desperate situation because students won’t pay up. This just brings to mind the days of secondary school. Furthermore, secondary school has the perfect solution: send them home for school fees! Well, what did they expect, when they allowed students to attend lectures and write exams without paying?

Nigeria will get out of recession this year – World Bank

I would not blame the UNIOSUN students for not paying their school fees, however. After all, the country is in economic recession. Therefore, Nigerians blame every slight mishap on the reception. Well, the World Bank has some good news for Nigerians. According to those nice dudes, Nigeria will get out of reception this year. Also, they predicted that Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product will grow by one percent this year. I don’t know about you all, but I feel like taking to the streets to celebrate. Recession is not a fun thing at all.

South African traditional healer rapes patient

You know what else is not fun? Sickness, that’s what. So many people fall sick every day, because of various reasons. Also, everyone has their preferred mode of treatment. Some people get themselves drugs. Others drag themselves to the doctor. Some others prefer the traditional method. However, I don’ t think this traditional method involves sex with the patient. South African traditional healer Phaladi Mahlaba should have realized that trying to heal his patient with his dick is also known as “rape”. That’s what he did to a 16-year-old girl who came to him for treatment. He has been arrested. The South African National Traditional Healers Organization has warned its members not to try that form of treatment. I totally agree with them, and I hope the prosecuting authorities mete out the severest punishment possible for this stupidity.

Dude drafts the Terms and Conditions for Sex

Stories about rape are becoming too rampant these days. Some young people do not realize the gravity of this crime, so they go about sticking their fun bits into other people without permission. However, some ladies also took advantage of this situation and began to cry “rape” whenever a guy says hi. To this effect, therefore, a dude wrote the Terms and Conditions before sex, to be signed by both parties before any sexual activity takes place. Though the concept is pretty hilarious, I think it is a good idea. That way, both parties know exactly what they are doing, and no one gets hurt. Check out the hilarious post here.

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