Some remarkable football events from last weekend

Last weekend, there were some remarkable events in the world of football.  There is always something that you cannot bet on, and this week, there were several of those. Also, there are some things that I would consider as constant, and they totally happened. Let’s talk about these things, shall we?

First of all, Chelsea suffered their first league defeat this season. That was on Friday, and Liverpool was the architect. All the hard work that Antonio Conte had put into the team before this match was proved pointless. All the hard work, all the trash talk, Liverpool made all that worthless. This brings a question to mind: how many coaches does it take for Chelsea to beat Liverpool at home? For now, the answer to that is “as many as you can hire”. Two different coaches tried and failed to beat Liverpool last season. Conte has joined them.

Barcelona continued their unstoppable onslaught on Saturday, with a 5-1 drubbing of Leganes. In that match, all three members of the MSN gang scored. In fact, Messi scored twice, and Neymar assisted twice too in that remarkable encounter. After a comprehensive 7-0 thrashing of Celtic on Tuesday, you would think that these guys need a break. They don’t, and they have proved that, times without number. I fear for their next opponents, once again. Though at this point, everyone should just bear in mind that they would lose against Barcelona. Except maybe the Madrid clubs; those guys are totally awesome.

Manchester City continued their perfect start to the season, as they beat Bournemouth 4-0 in a totally dominant display. Without talisman Sergio Aguero, City showed the kind of control of the game that is typical of Guardiola’s teams. Also, Pep Guardiola is making his intentions known; there is no space for two at the top. And it looks like there’s no slowing him down; the two closest rivals before this match were Manchester United and Chelsea. Now they are Everton and Tottenham, and I really don’t fancy their chances of overtaking City. Liverpool and Arsenal are coming close, gradually, but even they are no match for Manchester City at the moment. That is quite remarkable, as Guardiola’s previous clubs have showed this kind of dominance in their leagues.



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