So Wednesday night football is this intense?

Phew! That was intense. I’m talking about last night’s Champions League games. I really did not think there would be this much excitement last night, after the uber-exciting matches from Tuesday night. It turns out that Wednesday night football is just as crazy.
The results were just s interesting, too. For example:

  1. Real Madrid 3-3 Legia Warsaw: I mean, look at that. That score line alone is enough for a full article, but I’m breathless enough as it is. Would you have imagined this match going in favor of the Polish club in your wildest dreams? No way. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when Legia Warsaw scored their third goal. If not for Mateo Kovacic, who knows, Madrid might have been enjoying a three course meal made entirely of humble pie. Gareth Bale set the record for the fastest Real Madrid UCL goal, by the way. Thought you should know.
  2. Sevilla 4-0 Dinamo Zagreb: This was not totally unexpected, I must say. Yes, I expected Sevilla to win this match convincingly. However, they did not need to be this convincing. At most, I expected a 3-1 victory from the Spanish dudes. But 4-0? Forget it. That is Barcelona/Real Madrid stuff. Good to see, though, as it means that there will be four Spanish giants to contend with this season. Who else loves Spanish teams? Everybody, that’s who.
  3. Monaco 3-0 CSKA Moscow: Surprise here. Ahmed Musa’s old club found themselves holding their heads at half time. Also, someone finally rose from the dead. I’m sure that CSKA Moscow would have been expecting a draw at least from this match. Mainly because Monaco are so good at drawing second leg ties at home, right? Also, I’m pretty sure they were not expecting Radamel Falcao to suddenly find his Champions League goal magic. Right now, I almost feel sorry for them. However, this is football. Stuff like this happens all the time.

Wednesday night football was not supposed to be this intense. I used to think it was just to complete the round of matches, as all the good ones would have been taken. But last night, everyone proved me wrong. Well, look who’s looking forward to another round of Wednesday night football in the Champions League.

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