So, the Falconets beat Canada yesterday?

So the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup has started, and I had no idea. This is unacceptable from a sports writer. I apologize. Anyway, the Women’s World Cup began a few days ago, while we were all chilling in our huts, sipping ice-cold palm oil. Well, that was what I was doing anyway*. Nigeria’s Falconets began their campaign with a comprehensive 6-0 cop-out to Japan.

Who would have thought that the almighty Falconets would suffer that kind of defeat? I know, I know, the Falconets are a great team and all that. However, they’re a Nigerian team, and this means that no matter how good they are, Solomon Dalung will eventually make a speech about them. This will lead to a heavy defeat. . .oh, it has already happened. It appears that the Honorable Minister for Sports, Solomon Dalung, wished the girls good luck before he match. I’m beginning to think that this man should not be allowed to wish anyone luck again.
Anyway, the Falconets began their campaign badly. However, they have recovered. They beat Canada 3-1 yesterday, and for once I had few bad words to say. The team played like they meant business. Nigeria has always been regarded as a strong team in women’s football. However, they do not hold a candle to Canada, USA, Brazil, China and Germany. That is why yesterday’s victory is particularly sweet; the Falconets beat one of the highest-ranked female teams in the world. Well, the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup seems like an interesting competition.

Nigeria will take on Spain next. While this is not the same as facing the men’s national team, I would still advise caution. This is because the Spanish outfit showed the stuff they are made of (girls? Guys dressed like girls? I don’t know), when they took on Japan. They beat japan 1-0, though the score line flatters Japan more. Well, I’d just say at this point that the Falconets should not let what happened against Japan happen again. Who knows, they might even go far in this year’s edition of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

*not really. I was writing stuff.

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