Seven Days of Gratitude

It is amazing really that, as humans, we tend to forget to be grateful. Gratitude is a gift, the opportunity to say thanks for anything at all is something that many people do not experience. So when you get that opportunity, put it to good use.

Gratitude List

Here is the concept: on a daily basis for seven days, you say the things that you are most grateful for. I was nominated for this by my amazing girlfriend. Thanks for this, my small mommy. So, in the spirit of gratitude, here are the things that I have been grateful for within the past seven days.

Day 1: The grace to be alive, to be healthy, to be able to wake up and do things without thinking about how to move from point A to point B are things that I am grateful for. The ability to breathe without needing assistance, to perform normal bodily functions without needing help to perform them. To give you perspective, some people need to visit a hospital to be able to pee/urinate.

Day 2: Today, I got a call from my mom and a few messages from my siblings. I am grateful for the gift of my family. You see, I have made several wrong turns at several times in my life and they have been there for me. My mom in particular has been nothing short of awesome. To make you understand better, take a visit to Little Saints Orphanage.

Day 3: I write for several blogs, including House of Mo. I happen to get these opportunities through someone I regard as a close friend of mine. I am grateful for all these opportunities and the trust reposed in me by this friend and other mutual friends of ours and I am also grateful for these friends as they have been there for me at various times, supporting me and always nudging me to be better.

Day 4: I write. I speak. I think. All these abilities and talents have opened doors for me at different times and I am yet to maximize them. I am grateful for these talents that I have been blessed with and the opportunity to use them too. Look at it from this angle, there are people with first class degrees but they have no jobs so be more grateful.

Day 5: My writings have appeared on House of Mo, YNaija, UNILAG Gist amongst other online platforms. I am grateful to all these platforms for the opportunity to showcase my small talent, and for considering my writings worthy enough to be published. This is as unworthy as I think my writings really are. There are a lot of writers that I have met who are better but their writings have not gone beyond their computers and their notebooks.

Day 6: I stay in Bariga and I experience first-hand, the extreme poverty that the people around me are going through and it touches my heart wishing I could do more. In the midst of all that, I have a nice place and I spend in one month what some families will spend in one month. I am grateful that even though I want more, I am still comfortable enough not to lack certain things. On data alone, I spend about N5,000. That is some people’s pocket money for the month.

Day 7: I am grateful to God for all the things I have been thankful for, for the past six days. I am grateful that he has kept me alive and he has kept me healthy and have given me the things that has made me who I am today (even though I am nobody yet). I am grateful for the opportunity to be grateful. Some people find it difficult to be thankful, forgetting that being alive is enough to be thankful for.

Anyway, that is it for me. To continue this chain, I am nominating the Moverick (Oga at the top of that House of Mo logo), Ruth Olurounbi, and the GladChic  who are also writers for this amazing online magazine. I will expect all your posts in seven days.


Image Credit: Heart, Mind, Happy.


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