Adaptation is the best Self-Development Template for using the solution of others

We live at a time that there are several solutions and information at our disposal with respect to self-development and success. It’s common to see people desiring to replicate what others have done or use their blueprint in their lives. While taking a cue from others is understandable, we must never forget our uniqueness as individuals and the peculiarities of our situations.

So the challenge isn’t lack of a solution but that of choosing the best solution – a solution that is fitted and works. This throws up the task of determining the right solution because one can’t afford to pick all or any solution(s). As individuals, our situations, limitations and preferences are very different. You will be doing yourself a lot of good if you stop using the template of others in pursuing your dreams and aspirations.

With the above in mind adaptation becomes the best approach to using the solution of others. In fact, life is about adaptation. The capacity to adapt is inherent in us and we need to exercise that capacity as well when it comes to applying the solutions or styles of others to our circumstances. There is no one-size- fits-all solution. So whatever solution you decide to apply, it should be designed to fit and meet your needs and peculiarities in order for such solution to work.

In order to understand your best self-development template – the best solution that suits you, it’s important to know yourself and the type of person that you are. Armed with that knowledge, design a customised solution that fits you and works for you. The ultimate solution should be in touch with your person. This eliminates unnecessary struggles.

When you read of peoples’ success stories, don’t just go with the notion that you can go ahead to do things exactly the way they did it except if that is what you really need but the reality is that there will always be a need to adapt in relation to your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and peculiarities. Learn from the experiences and styles of others but be smart adapt their template to suit your peculiar situation. When you find the solution that works for you, stick with it and give it your best shot. That way you will be deploying your resources in the best way to achieve your dreams.

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