PushCV launches today

PushCV logo

It’s official. PushCV launches this evening. After several hours of sleeplessness, PushCV team are launching a platform that makes job seeking in Nigeria relatively easier.

Tope Ajao, Leadpath’s Co-Founder tells me that PushCV is not just another job hunting site because the new platform is focused exclusively on solving employment problems through capacity building.

Jobberman is PushCV’s major competition, but the developers and founders believe that they have an edge over other competitions with their capacity building integration. “Capacity building is what makes this platform different from every other platform out there,” he tells me.

Okay. So what exactly does PushCv does and how does it work. Tope says “PushCV is an intelligent service that securely helps individuals apply and send their CVs to valid employers who have openings/vacancies that match their exact credentials and preferences. PushCV caters for people in all careers, across all experience ranges and from all walks of life.”

In case you’re wondering what Leadpath’s role in PushCV is, hear what Ajao says: “LeadPath is a tech VC providing short, medium and long term funding for tech VCs in high growth areas.”

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