Perfume – Wear this Orange like a Boss

Weeks ago, I shared about one of my favourite perfume fragrances, Active Man. Today, I want to share about another one of my favourites. As you may know, unfortunately, perfumes are not my turf. Perhaps our resident perfume connoisseur, GladChic, would be able to titillate your mind with exactly what a particular fragrance does to her nostrils, but I lack that ability. So, I share from a layman’s perspective.

BOSS Orange

As a layman, the yardstick of a good fragrance is whether or not the ladies think it smells nice. And on that score, BOSS Orange shines bright. I have had a number of ladies ask me what fragrance it is I am wearing after telling me how nice I smell.

It is not sharp on the nostrils like Active Man is, for example, but has a subtler, citrus fragrance. Perhaps even a playful, casual impression. It certainly isn’t dominating like many other perfumes for men, yet it is strong enough to last through the day and still make that good impression that a busy man needs. While wearing it one time, a lady told me I smelled like heaven. Please hold on while I fetch her number for you so you can ask her what heaven smells like. I didn’t. But hey, what gentleman wouldn’t enjoy such a compliment?

If you’re a guy looking for something subtle, you should give Boss Orange a try. Ladies can try this out as a special gift to their men too. Thank me later.

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