Nigeria’s national team needs longevity, not a new coach

The Super Eagles have played just one match. Even though they won it, the level of their performance has not warmed the hearts of certain Nigerians. Most people still do not believe that German coach Gernot Rohr is capable of qualifying the Nigeria national team for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
You see, this is one of the big problems that face Nigerian football. We expect too much at a time from our coaches. People tend to forget that Rome was not built in a day; most of the successful national teams (and clubs) in other parts of the world started from very humble beginnings. Some others just get lucky and get really good coaches immediately they need them.
But in the even that some countries cannot get world-class coaches, they make do with the best they can get. And if they hang around long enough, they can make something beautiful happen.

Think of Jurgen Klinsmann in the US Men National Team; they have had Klinsmann at the helm of their affairs ever since he left the Germany National Team in 2006. Some would say they have not achieved much since 2006, but in my opinion, they exceeded expectations in the last World Cup and in the last two Copa Americas. They pulled off an amazing feat by getting to the quarterfinals of the Copa America Centenario, which was played on home soil. That’s just one example of how longevity eventually yields dividends for a team.

Shall I go on? Okay, take a look at Germany. Their coach, Joachim Low, has been on the scene since the departure of Jurgen Klinsmann in 2006. Do I need to remind anyone about their 2010 victory in Brazil? Also, look at how far they have gone in all the Euro competitions since 2006; they have made it to the finals once, and got as far as the semifinals twice. See? Longevity is the key to their eventual success.if Gernot Rohr does no qualify Nigeria for the World Cup, I suggest that they refrain from firing him. Let them give him a chance to try again and again as much as he can. Only then can our football move forward

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