News roundup: FG begins 5k monthly stipend, 77-year old Super Samson, Bobrisky’s suitor

Good morning guys. Here’s to a brand new year, and the start of a new working week: cheers! I have some great news for you, guys. Have you heard that Bobrisky is now being sought after by dudes in the US? By the way, do you know anyone that has received the FG monthly stipend? Also, have you heard about Super Samson?

FG begins payment of N5000 monthly stipend

The New Year certainly brought some good news. The Federal Government has begun payment of the N5000 monthly allowance to the poorest and most vulnerable in the country. They run this operation through the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) of its Social Investments Programmes (SIP). This is great news, considering that it is one of the campaign promises of the ruling party, APC. However, this monthly stipend is not yet available for all states; only Bauchi, Borno, Kwara, Cross Rivers, Niger, Kogi, Ogun, Oyo and Ekiti states have benefited from this scheme so far. Well, the government has begun to fulfill its promises.

77-year old man pulls cars with his teeth

On a lighter note, have you heard of the strongmen in circuses? These guys perform amazing and unbelievable feats of brute strength. Well, that’s what they say abroad. However, Nigeria has an answer to that. Meet Super Samson, an Akwa Ibom native that pulls cars with his teeth. No, seriously; he has never been in a Nollywood movie, so this is no film trick. Super Samson is so strong that he pulled a car with his teeth. Furthermore, he cannot be pulled by 15 men. That’s approximately fifteen more people than I can withstand. However, that’s not the most amazing part; Super Samson is 77 years old. I bet a lot of young men cannot pull cars with their teeth. Here’s an old man shaming us all, young men.

US-based dude seeks Bobrisky’s hand in marriage

Guys, someone wants to marry Bobrisky! Popular relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin revealed all on Instagram. Apparently, a 35-year old man based in Texas, USA, is interested in getting Bobby’s hand in marriage. The dude even proclaimed that “Bobrisky is my soul mate”. I saw this coming a mile away. However, what better offer can he get than a US-based dude who works for NASA? Certainly, Bobrisky’s swag has its merits. I wouldn’t recommend, however, that young dudes be cross-dressing in public in Nigeria. I’m just saying, though. If Bobrisky is your type, then nothing should stop you.

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