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You all know him as Mister Mo. More recently he calls himself ‘Moverick’ (which just confirms his vain personality). I have been blessed to have a close up encounter with this being [“What sort of being – heavenly, devilish, or…?” – Editor]. Within a short time, Mo has taught me what I couldn’t learn in a lifetime. My story in 2014 would have been completely different if I had not met him, so here is my tribute to Mo.

Someone wrote about him and summarised him as an eagle soaring high and wild and free (if you ever get to meet him, he won’t fail to make you read that article). Another has called him a solid rock. I know one other lady who publicly calls him Sugarpops, and another, Daddy. Don’t be surprised.

Behind the badass, backslidden, feminist-opposing, hunk that you all see is actually a soul everyone should get to meet. A gentleman, one who chooses uprightness even when it is painful to him, and a fair man. He is a weirdo in many ways, perhaps an alien. He doesn’t think outside, inside or on top of the box. He invents his own box and plays with it as it suits him. He is extremely intelligent and vibrant, and has distinguished himself as a leading and credible blogger in the country though he is many years older than the “industry” average.

Did I mention that even in his weird ways, he is a fine Bible teacher and that I got saved having a conversation with him? Here are a few things that he is:

  • My confidant
  • My boss (technically, I am his boss sha)
  • My pastor (though he is officially retired)
  • My counselor (even if he never admits)
  • A fellow architect (though he does not practice)
  • A moving train (please, don’t get in his way)
  • A sharp tongue (don’t let his gentlemanly speech and attitude fool you; he actually yabs for a living; he can yab!)
  • A father and uncle to some
  • A ladies man (he actually brags about this one)
  • And most importantly to me, a very loyal friend

Mr Mo, you have touched me personally in ways I cannot forget. My prayer for you is that you find more happiness in your path and make more progress with your business. And please for goodness sake, invite all your babes to come say nice things about you too *flees to Peurto Rico*. [*side eye* – Editor]


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