Motivational Monday: Anger


Anger is a raw, intense, negative emotion. Ancient Greek philosophers viewed anger as small madness. Did you know anger works on the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for honesty? This is why people say things they have bottled up inside when they are angry. Then they say “I didn’t mean to say that”. People act up when they are angry. Some people go as far as smashing or breaking objects because they are fueled by anger. Anger also affects our thoughts.

There are two sides to everything in life. When channeled properly, anger can bring about good things. Imagine a situation where the bus you boarded broke down on your way to work. Let’s say you got to work late because of that. Obviously, you would be angry. This anger can ginger you to get your own car if you really want it. Or let’s say you have an annoying boss. This can make you vexed to the point of having your own business. In other word, anger is very good when channeled properly.

Conversely, anger can destroy a lot of things when used wrongly. People have murdered their friends or family members because they couldn’t hold themselves. People have said things they regret the rest of their lives.

Anger is often times mistaken for other emotions. Sometimes when we are hurt, disappointed or irritated, we think we are angry. There are many thing about anger we don’t understand. Subsequently, I will write about personality types and anger. When I say “personality types” I am not talking about the four temperaments. Over time, from counseling people and being a journalist, I have come up with a list of different types of personalities and how they respond to basic, primal emotions such as envy, hate, love, etc. Having a knowledge of this will help you cope with anybody. You will be able to understand people and in so doing, no one and nothing will have the power to affect you in a way you don’t want


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