Most troublesome child award

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Grandpa Mo’s clocked 70 this year. Being the quiet and immensely reserved person that he is, he didn’t want a party, so the family gathered to spend time with him. Family time is always great. All my siblings, their spouses and the collective grandchildren were present. It was a house full of kids running up and down and scattering things. The perfect happy family.

In his “Thank You” address, dad mentioned how he was thankful that his children have never given him and mom horrible experiences and sleepless nights. The grand old man had to add, “Even the most troublesome of you, which is you, Yomi….” and looked in my direction with a grin. He had to! Hian. No surprise that the whole clan erupted in laughter.

Grandpa Mo is legendary among those who know him. I may be a physical (some say ‘carbon’) copy of my mom, but I bear strong resemblance to dad in many ways. I shall leave out all the really nice parts (I know you’re not interested). In the the course of that speech, he also mentioned that I have his legendary stubbornness (which wasn’t news anyway). See? I am my father’s son.

There. Now it is official. I am the most troublesome of Grandpa Mo’s children. But if you’ve been hanging around me or following my blogs a while, you probably already suspected. So, when are you all throwing me a celebration party? Don’t forget the plaque.

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