Mister Mo goes to TwitPremier League 2

Mo at TPL2 stands

I am not a football fan in any way. I do not watch football. Not even the world cup. But TwitPremiere League is not football for me. It is fun time with people I have interacted with on Twitter. It is about taking the Twitter connection offline. I was at TPL1 at Lekki some months back and had tons of fun. TPL2 at Campos Mini Stadium last Saturday turned out to be great fun too.

Mind you, I still have no idea of the names of the teams that played or who won. I did enjoy the occasional spectacular shot, as well as several dramatic moments. The matches by the female teams turned out to be the high point of the tournament for me and for others around me. We had some downright hilarious moments. As a matter of fact, Tolu who made it possible for me to be at the event, agreed with me that the female football was why we were there. Sue us.

TPL2 ladies match

But jokes aside, what made TPL2 fun for me was seeing and interacting with people. We shared barbecued chicken and palm wine. Some preferred beer. Wait. Scratch that. I meant to write, they wouldn’t have anything but beer. And I finally got to see the infamous Orijin drink in person. I also got to see a real, live, functioning BlackBerry Passport in person. It is a beautiful device.

One really cool thing about TPL is the loud music that is played all through – even while the matches are going on. Minus a few times when the DJ stopped music halfway through tracks, the music was good. Why do DJs do that? The other day I went dancing, the DJ kept killing the music. The guy had no chill – absolutely no idea why its called a mix. Anyway, the TPL DJ started with some good, contemporary local grooves and towards the end of the tournament eased into really cool 80s and 90s music. Oh, we sang and danced! By we, I mean myself and a motley crowd of others at a wing of the stands.

My award of best dancer easily goes to @iphieajike, who I met for the first time there. I’d love to crank my creaky old bones and get down with her on the dance floor some day. Pity I didn’t get a photo of her. Yes; only Mister Mo goes to a football match and returns to rave about what music was played and who danced best. Only Mo. Feel free to file a report with NSCDC. You know what their website address is.

When is TPL3, please?

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