Microsoft’s got Baby Boy General’s age right!

Microsoft has set up a website that attempts to predict the age and gender of a person by scanning a picture that you upload. It is quite a bit of fun to see how well modern technology can read faces. So far, everyone else has been complaining that the site got their age wrong – usually churning out a figure much higher than the real thing.

So, as a fun-loving old man, I uploaded that Baby Boy General photo of mine that you all so love (taken in Abidjan last week), and here is the result:
How Old Age Mo

Well….I’m 42, so “41” is not exactly “right”, but then it isn’t bad at all. LOL. It also correctly places me as male.

Your turn. go to for some fun too!


  1. Noni May 3, 2015
  2. Eye_Bee_Kay May 7, 2015

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