Men chase women who ignore them. Or not.


You’ve heard it before. You probably believe it as Gospel too. There is a legend that a man will chase after a woman who ignores his advances. This supposed law of the chase states that the more a woman ignores a man, the more he chases after her. And so, you have women acting on this as a means to keep their men hooked on them.

Breaking news: Many relationships and marriages have ended because some women (and men too) acted on this legend. Many people have lost good men and women to the legend of the chase.

Believe it at your own risk. You see, like a lot of things that get thrown around, it is a generalisation. It does not apply to all men. There are some men who are like that, and there are others who are not.

There are men who are naturally lone rangers. Ignore them repeatedly and at some point you cease to exist to them. They simply lose interest in you and move on. The same applies to some women.

Don’t swallow any of the generalisations that you hear about men or women. The world is a rich place with lots of variety. Get to know each person you meet along your way through life. You will marvel at the rich variety that life offers.

When next you are tempted to ignore a man that you really like/love just because you believe it will make him come after you, pause a little bit and ask yourself if he is one of those men who can be baited like that.

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