Manhood is not defined relative to women

“A real man treats women with respect”.

That’s the flip version of the bullshit that says, “A real woman knows how to take care of a man”.

Women have fought – and rightly so – for their identities to not be defined relative to men. It is a good fight. But here we are watching the same people who fought that battle now flip around and try to define men relative to women.

Newsflash: I call BS. A real man has nothing to do with how he treats women. He is a real man regardless of how he treats women. That is not to endorse bad behaviour by men towards women. It is just a matter of principle.

How about this other one – “Behind/beside/on top of every successful man is a woman”?

Absolute pile of pigeon crap.

A successful man is a successful man without any appendage of a woman’s influence or impact.

Dear kings, do not let anyone define you relative to women. Do not let anyone do that to you.

Own your person, your essence, your successes.

If we are agreed that women are not to be defined in the light of men, we must be agreed that men should not be defined in the light of women.

I am as real as the air I breathe, and it has nothing to do with where I fit into how anyone expects me to treat any woman. I simply am.

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