Manchester City win, Mourinho sent off again

The English Premier League looked quite captivating last weekend. First, Manchester City played out an interesting 2-1 win over Burnley. For a minute in that match, I believed that Burnley might actually pull off a surprise win. They scored first, with Dean Marney cannoning a magnificent volley past Claudio Bravo. All that belief held for just one full minute, however. I knew that the equalizer was close. When he scored the winning goal, I saw it coming . This is typical Manchester City stuff. The main talking point of this match, however, was the unconventional tactical changes. Ol’ Pep G made his guys move closer to the halfway line during free kicks, amongst other things. I guess it helped. Now they cannot complain, however, as they did against Burnley; they have a full week to prepare for their next match. Chelsea awaits.

This month of November used to be a bad month for Arsenal. For a long time under Arsene Wenger, the Gunners have struggled to pick up points during the eleventh month. However, this season they have picked up quite a few points. Although they won only one match during this month, they did not lose any match. Thus, their unbeaten run since the opening day stretches to nineteen games. Things are definitely looking up for the Gunners. I still have a quick question, though. How in the world does Arsene Wenger keep Olivier Giroud on the bench all the time? Please, someone should help me ask him.

Once again, Manchester United have failed to win at home. Guess who the accusatory fingers are pointing at. Jose Mourinho did not do himself any favors in Tottenham s game, either. He only narrowly avoided the red card against Arsenal, when he protested the referee’s decision not to award Arsenal a penalty. Of course, in the previous match against Burnley he was sent off. Now, he did it again. Paul Pogba took a very obvious dive, and when the ref refused to buy it, Jose protested. Once again, he saw red. I think Jose Mourinho is the coach with the most red cards in his coaching career; he has always gotten himself the red at every club he has worked at. I wonder why, though. Is there an award for that?

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