Manchester City has signed an inSane player!

I just got up from a hefty bowl of fufu to hear the news that Leroy Sane has signed for Manchester City. Normally, this kid of signing would get many people wetting their shorts; Leroy is one of the brightest talents in the game right now, ad he has had an impressive season with Schalke 04. But Manchester City has enough of the kind of player he is (attacking midfielder), and they all have the same style of play. I’m beginning to see the resemblance between this team and Real Madrid: a crowd of attacking talent, no one to cover for them in defense. But this signing in particular. . . should we be going crazy about it? Or is this just another Raheem Sterling?

Okay, let me explain that last statement; Raheem Sterling was one of the most talked-about signings for Manchester City last season. He had an absolutely brilliant couple of seasons with Liverpool, came close to winning the EPL with Luis Suarez, then got snatched by Manchester City for 50 million pounds. Since then, I’ve only heard about Raheem Sterling in articles that talk about overrated dipshits. More recently, he was a part of the England team which was selected for the Euro 2016, which I think Roy Hodgson selected at gunpoint. He played a reduced part in the performance of the Three Lions, ad eventually they crashed out at the hands of Iceland. So far, so boring in the life of a dude once regarded as the best 20-year old winger in the world.

Anyway, back to the topic: Leroy Sane. This young man is similar enough to Sterling to make you question the wisdom of Guardiola in bringing him to City. But I think there will be some difference this time; if Sterling is played on the left wing, and Sane is played on the right, there might just be a great game getting played. Reason? Because they are mirror images of each other: Sterling is right-footed, while Sane is left-footed. They can both be a terror to defenders together when they switch wings.

Bottom line, they might make a good team, and I believe Sterling will step up. If he doesn’t, the bench will be having a Sterling-shaped space on it for a very long time; and that would be inSane.

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