Man arrested for attacking IKEDC official, another killed for a lie

Man arrested for beating up IKEDC official

Nigerians can be funny. Look at this: a man beat up an IKEDC official. What did this person do? She merely brought him the electricity bill. Apparently, the defendant, one Ozoigbo Ikenna, was enraged that he was given a bill in spite of the fact that he had not received constant electricity. Therefore, he took matters into his own hands; he locked the IKEDC official in his compound, and then proceeded to lay some smack-down on her. That’s not a reasonable way to protest the erratic power supply at all.

Man tortured to death over false allegation

Meanwhile, I want to reiterate that jungle justice is never a good option. No matter the crime a person commits, it is much better to call the police. This young man would still be alive today if his mother had listened to that. Mr. Rilwanu Akintunde was accused of stealing N90,000. However, instead of taking the matter to a police station, the lad’s mother, brother and some unscrupulous police officer took matters into their own hands. Ignoring his protestations of his innocence, they locked up the poor youth in a room filled with tear-gas and tortured him till he passed out. His torturers rushed him to a nearby hospital, where they confirmed him dead. The police have arrested his mother; however, his brother and the errant police officer absconded.

Pastor criticizes MMM in churches

A Nigerian pastor has criticized pastors in Nigeria for encouraging their congregations to participate in MMM. Dr. Sunday Adelaja, a Ukraine-based Nigerian pastor urged his fellow men of God to stop their members from participating in the popular scheme. He also listed several things that would happen to Nigerian churches if they continue in this act. These things he listed are quite scary; for example, he predicted that churches would become poorer. There would be strife among church members; less people will pay tithes, people will stop going to church, and so on.

Man threatens to go into armed robbery if things do not improve in 2 months

Meanwhile, another man is lamenting the deplorable state of things in the country. This dude, name unknown, exploded in a frustrated rage when asked about his opinion on the state of the nation. Furthermore, he threatened to go into armed robbery if things do not get better in two months. I hope the police are listening.

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