Lionel Messi: And now they’re begging him!

Three days ago, Lionel Messi announced his retirement from international football, and caused a major upset in world football. He finally gave up after years of living in Diego Maradona’s shadow, and suffering the divided opinion of Argentine football fans. Why did he not play professional football in Argentina? If he was so great, how come he never won a major trophy for Argentina? Why does it seem like he does not want to play for Argentina in the first place? These are some of he questions these ungrateful fans have been asking. But now that the greatest footballer of all time has decided to step away from al this unnecessary bad press, they are now begging him to stay. Does any of it make sense? To me, no.

Almost everybody in Argentina is pleading for him to reconsider his decision to retire, from his teammates to people on the street, social workers, non-football fans, even the president of Argentina. Seems like the case of realizing the value of something only after it is lost. A school teacher even went as far as writing an open letter to the Barcelona maestro, begging him not to quit in order to be an inspiration to schoolchildren. Well, they should have written this letter before he decided to step away from it all, giving him encouragement, or at least giving him a reason not to quit. Instead they all expected him to kill himself because he failed to win a World Cup.

One thing these people did not realize is this: trophy or no trophy, Argentina are still favorites to win every trophy on earth right now. They should have realized that instead of vilifying him all these years, a little encouragement would have lifted his spirits. Look at how much love he gets from Barcelona, and see how much he has achieved with them. Furthermore, he can still win the World Cup; he is not 40 years old yet. He still has that fire in him.

Instead, Argentina refused to agree that he is the greatest of al time; they prefer Maradona.

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