Life after Euro 2016: what to expect

Now that the Euros have ended, what next do we look out for?

First, the Rio Olympics comes up in a few days, starting from the 5th of August. You all can count on having an exciting experience with that particular tournament. But I am not expecting too much, though, because football nowadays has not necessarily been scintillating; if you need proof, ask Portugal how thy managed to win the Euros. But the other sports, ah yes, that’s where the fun is going to be. We get to watch the Flash Usain Bolt defend his title. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

After that, we get the pre-season period, the deep breath before the plunge. This year, a lot of changes have been made to a lot of teams’ structure, both in management and among the paying staff. Some deals have been completed; some of them are quite eye-popping. Some are downright crazy. We will get to see more of them within this pre-season period, and hopefully th new players will blend in with the old players; they will get enough time to do that now. Not to mention the various competitions that will be aking place during the pre-season period, the Emirates Cup will be contested by teams currently sponsored by The Emirates Group; the UEFA Super Cup will be contested between Real Madrid and Sevilla (winners of the Champions league and the Europa league respectively). Also there will be the tours, which some of the clubs will be going on. So there is enough to occupy our attention until the new season begins.

By the way, some of the more publicized appointments have been made. Of course, everyone knows of Pep Guardiola’s move to Manchester City; Jose Mourinho has been appointed manager of Manchester United. Jurgen Klopp is has signed a contract extension with Liverpool. Ronald Koeman has signed for Everton, and Antonio Conte has joined Chelsea. You know who is in charge of Arsenal. So, the question is, which of these titans will come out on top? Because there will be a battle of gargantuan proportions; every one of these coaches (except Arsene Wenger, probably) is a man that knows exactly how to win the league. Experience will count for Mourinho and Wenger; Koeman is getting a team that is closer to the top than what he has had before. Klopp has had a taste of the EPL; so he has an advantage’ though slight; over Conte and Guardiola. Those last two guys however, are back to back champions with their former leagues. So I expect a five-way battle for top spot this season; Leicester might not be at the same level they were last season, and we will not blame them.

That’s my two cents on what to expect since the Euros ended. Have fun, people!

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