In life and in love, duty is key

Growing up as a child and a teenager, I detested ironing mom’s dresses. Pleats. Folds. Patterns. Ugh! Ironing hell. But I ironed them anyway. It was duty. And it was done as an act of love though I would rather not do it.

As an adult, I haven’t escaped it either. When wife asks me to iron a dress for her, my stomach sinks. But iron the dress for her, I do.

Life and love are not about doing only the things that we enjoy doing. In life and in love, there is duty. The one who does their duty to you regardless of how they may feel is the one who loves you. For in the grand scheme of things, to be dutiful is to love. And to be dutiful is to live.


  1. Ronald Nzimora June 30, 2014
  2. Eye_Bee_Kay June 30, 2014

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