I Have Lost All Respect For You

“I have lost all respect for you”.

Have you noticed how it is some inconsequential twat that always mouths off those words?

You are going about your life, making the best decisions you can as you go under each circumstance. Good or bad, the decisions are yours and you are doing the best that you can. You do this. You say that.

Then a complete stranger shows up and says, “After that thing that Black Monk said, I lost all respect for him”.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

I had no idea that my amazing life was sustained by the respect that he had for me, or that his respect put food on my table or was the reason why my life has been all glammed up. I suppose now that he has lost this thing called respect for me, I should expect things to start falling apart, if not to fall apart outright immediately?

Have you noticed how truly great men do not say this thing to one another? I mean, truly great men, not faceless Facebook accounts or green horns who have zero accomplishments in life to their name?

Two generals meet on the battlefield, one a principled strategist with honour and respect for human life, the other a barbarian who believes in crushing all, regardless of the sufferings he unleashes on everyone in his path. And yet, even in victory over his evil monster foe, the honourable captain of good treats his vanquished foe with respect.

Even in this extreme situation, he does not kick him to the dirt and treat him like an animal. He does not strut about like a weather-beaten cockerel and say, “After your massacre of the village of Wakandanium, I lost all respect for you” either.

Real men know not to say such a thing to one another. They know that only people who are inconsequential to them would say such a thing. And you are not inconsequential to a man who dragged you out of the comfort of your home to a battlefield. He has to be inconsequential to say those words to another man.

That is why the next time a person utters those words to you, you must take a closer look at him. Look again. You will find that he is useless to you, a noise-maker, an inconsequential twat that you need pay no attention. My dear fellow, you must dismiss him in your mind and turn away unto more important people or matters that deserve your attention.

For, his respect means nothing, if indeed he ever had any for you.

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