How Can Kissing Be More Intimate Than Sex?

I have been told by a number of ladies that kissing is more intimate than sex. I have never quite understood that. I have honestly tried to understand it. But I still don’t, and so I disagree. A moment ago, I ran into two of my favourite ladies on Twitter giving one another a pat on the back about this issue. Check their exchange out:

I love these two ladies, but right now, I am not feeling them on this subject. I love a good kiss like any other other dude (okay, I’m a bit past that “dude” age), and I do think that I am good at it. Actually, I suspect that if I kiss a lady, she’s more likely to melt, get aroused and want sex. That is the way that my head processes it – the kiss will trigger a desire for sexual intercourse – and I have years of gleaned information behind that processing. As I understand it, the progression is: Kiss – Arousal – Sex. That makes sex the more intimate act in my books. A kiss is merely a trigger or catalyst for something deeper. Like a spice. Like Maggi, Knorr cubes, or some other such stuff.

Kiss me!

Sexual intercourse seems to be the deepest, most intimate act between two members of the opposite sex – two bodies connecting perfectly, and if done well, resulting in the most amazing ripples of pleasure and passion. It doesn’t get better than that, abeg. I just think that perhaps lots of ladies have gotten more of bad sex, they have adapted by settling for the kiss thing. Hey, don’t shoot me! Just saying. Perhaps more ladies really need to be made love to, and not just get “banged”?

But then, what do I know? I just may have been living in the Matrix all along and need a pill. The joke might be on me. So, I am throwing this open: In saying that kissing is more intimate than sex, I have the following questions:

  1. Are you saying that you would sleep with a guy that you wouldn’t kiss?
  2. Are you saying that kissing meets a more intimate and a deeper need than sex does?
  3. What exactly does kissing do to you ladies?
  4. How exactly is kissing more intimate than sex?

Can anyone help me with this please? Ladies? guys? All opinions welcome!


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