How Barcelona beat Sevilla to the Copa Del Rey title…again

“Barcelona have done it again!”

That was the outburst from a neighbor last night when we returned from watching Barcelona grab their 29th Copa del Rey trophy. Not like we weren’t all expecting them to. Sevilla weren’t the team to stop them. But honestly, I don’t think any team in Spain, or Europe for that matter, can stop them.

There is a saying that goes thus: “You cannot hide the moon with your hands.” Last night was a very typical example of a team you just cannot beat. The match was a masterpiece, period. Forget that it went into extra time; that happens. Forget that there were three red cards; who cares about that? All we know is that Barca did the job again, and for the second time in two years, they are Copa Del Rey champions.

I must mention that the opposition last night, Sevilla, did a very impressive job keeping the world’s most deadly strike partnership of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar (MSN) quiet for most of the match. These phenomenal strikers had scored in every single game that Barca had played up to this point, but they were so quiet in this game that I began to wonder if they were on the pitch at all. But for the individual brilliance of Neymar in the second half of extra time, the game might have gone into penalties, and who knows, Sevilla might have won. But then, it is not always all about the MSN. Gerard Pique, as usual, played like he was gonna die the next day. Same with Javier Mascherano, though he overdid it and got himself sent off. But never mind though. He did his job well; didn’t he? Jordi Alba ran himself into the ground, culminating a stellar performance with a sweet, sweet goal.

FC Barcelona vs Sevilla

Well, congratulations, Barca! I must mention that this is their third trophy this season, after they claimed the FIFA Club World Cup back in December, and of course piped Real Madrid to the La Liga crown for the second year running. Awesome; isn’t it? The only blemish in their otherwise brilliant season was their unfortunate elimination from the UEFA Champions League by Atletico Madrid, the third of the top three in Spain right now. Barca fans wouldn’t mind that too much, though, because they have now won the double twice in a row, and no other team in the history of Spanish football has been able to do so. Real Madrid must feel very bad right now, considering that they were the only other team capable of winning the Copa del Rey this season, if not for Rafa Benitez’s costly mistake. Better luck next time, I hope!

I must also add a little advice to Mascherano. That guy must stop getting himself sent off at every cup final. He ruined the match for Barca.

All that is left to say is HOOORAAYYY!!!

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