Hey Mr Rooney, have you considered RETIRING?!

If you ever reach a phase in your life when you seem less important to people, gently and quietly slip away. Wayne Rooney, of course, will not take that advice. This is because he’s “a LEGEND of World football”. That’s John Terry speaking, by the way. He’s retired from the national team. Therefore, he has saved himself some embarrassment. Why, then, is he encouraging Wayne to continue?

Everyone sat up and watched Rooney butcher his match against Malta. Once again, he was played as a midfielder, as he requested. Instead of controlling the game, like midfielders in their 30s tend to do, he slowed the game down. Therefore, England interim manager Gareth Southgate has opted to drop him to the bench.

Now this is where things get interesting. Wayne Rooney says he will keep fighting for his spot. Some other players are offering encouragement. In fact, some dudes have gone on to criticize Mr. Southgate for leaving Wayne out of the starting lineup.
Now, fans of the Manchester United striker have spoken their mind about the matter. All over social media, they spilled their guts about Rooney. But his fellow players refuse to see reason. His wife, Colleen Rooney, even joined in the fun. She went as far as calling some dude an “absolute idiot”. Ooh, so unladylike.

However, their reason is as good as the excuse you gave for skipping class: total rubbish. I mean, everyone else can see that the dude is past his prime.

He still has the skills, I’m not disputing that. He is still an awesome striker. However, he has become a shadow of his old self. He’s no longer the fearsome Wayne Rooney of years past. Therefore, I see no reason why players would encourage him like that. It’s not fun to sit on the bench, you know. Please, Mr. Rooney, take my advice and retire while there’s still time.

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