Here are some famous words from our favorite stars

Guys, this week has been an eventful one. Every area of human activity has seen some form of action. The world of soccer has its fair share of events. In fact, that’s literally why I write everyday, isn’t it? Yes it is. Thanks for reading my articles. That’s my famous quote for today.
In recent times, various people have spoken about several things in the soccer world. Some of these famous quotes are quite ironic. Some others are very revealing. I heard one soon-to-be famous quote that made my ears tingle. Hey, wait- I’m supposed to be telling you about those famous words! Here they are:

  1. Arsene Wenger, ” The core of a team has to be from 23 to 30 years old”: Well, well, well. Ain’t that ironic. This famous quote is from a dude known for selling off his experienced players and replacing them with kids. How else, then, do you explain replacing Bacary Sagna with Hector Bellerin? However, though Bellerin is more than filling that position, that quote still sounds weird.
  2. Francoise Hollande, “Footballers need gym classes for their brains”: Here’s the French Prime Minister, calling football players idiots. Also, he said further: “They go from badly brought-up kids to rich stars without preparation. They’re not prepared psychologically to know what is right and wrong”. Okay, WHAT? I literally have no words in reply to this, however, other than “Please someone give this guy a hard boot to the head”. Imagine the concobility. . .
  3. Duje Cop (Sporting Gijon), “La Liga is the strongest league in the world” : Well, this is a famous quote in the making. Furthermore, I love the dude’s realistic appraisal of the situation. Of course, naturally, La Liga is the strongest in the world. How else, then, do you explain Barcelona’s loss to newly-promoted side Alaves? Or Leganes (another newly promoted side) drawing with Atletico Madrid? These teams are considered the best in the world, by the way. Well, he’s not wrong, that dude. However, I beg to differ. The strongest league I the world is the Champions League, am I right? Guys? I don’t know about these things. However, don’t judge me. I’m just a dude.

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