Have you ever witnessed a real life Police chase?

Have you ever seen a police chase in real life – police officer/s chasing a suspect on foot? I haven’t. But I couldn’t help wondering about it after a recent encounter with a police patrol team.


Heading home one day, I was flagged down at a check point. It was an uneventful stop, actually. However, I did notice that all the officers on that team were at different stages of pregnancy – likely between 5 and 6 months. They looked so unfit. I doubt that any of them could sprint 50 metres without getting exhausted. Do these guys work out at all?

Now, imagine those guys chasing after a trim, athletic bad guy. No chance. Imagine the guy scaling a fence. Pregnant women (and men) don’t scale fences. A lost chase.

To make matters worse, even their patrol van looked like it would cough and die should the driver attempt to push it to 60 km/hour. A police chase? Nah.

And lastly, these pregnant men in uniform were all carrying rifles. In my opinion, that makes a chase on foot even more difficult. Well holstered pistols would perhaps be more appropriate.

Thinking of it, perhaps the average officer habitually threatens unarmed civilians with a gun because deep down he knows that should the guy take off, he has absolutely no chance of catching up and apprehending him.


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