Good job, Gabon, but this AFCON lacks goals

Man, this year’s edition of AFCON has not lived up to the expectations. Gabon, the host country, has crashed out. Algeria, the favorites, are in danger of doing the same. Ghana and Egypt have only progressed to the next round because their opponents could not score against them. Imagine making it too the quarterfinals with just two goals. That’s how boring this thing is. The only team that is bringing a bit of joy, goals-wise, is Senegal. Morocco too are scoring a bit; they beat Togo 3-1 last weekend.

In a time when everyone that watches a match expects a lot of goals, this turn out is quite disappointing. We know that the clubs where these dudes come from play every week; that’s not such a big deal. However, in a typical Premier League weekend, you can expect up to 30 goals in 10 matches. this would translate to an average of 3 goals per match. In Spain, you could actually look forward to, say, five goals. That’s the Barcelona blueprint.

The 2014 World Cup had a total of 171 goals, at an average of 2.73 per game. There have been 18 games already in AFCON 2017, and 34 goals. That’s an average of 1.8 goals per game. However, that does not tell the true story. Of the 18 games, there have been 9 draws, and three of them have been goalless. The have been just two draws that saw a score line of 2-2. The wins, also, were not so impressive; only Morocco (3-1 vs Togo) have won convincingly. Gabon drew all three of their matches, and they are supposed to have one of the best strikers in Europe. That’s just underwhelming.

There’s still 22 games to go, so it’s too early to say that the tournament lacked sufficient goals. After all, the matches themselves were showcases of African power; that’s one thing African footballers are known for. Therefore, I’m going to ignore the lack of sweet, sweet goals. Instead, I’m going so sit and watch the players hold mini-wrestling contests for 90 minutes. How pathetic; I could have just watched the WWE if I wanted to watch wrestling. Gabon have done a great job hosting this tournament, but now even the hosts are out of the competition. What an interesting show.

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