God loves a cheerful giver; does he hate the grudging giver?

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Interpreting the bible is a very interesting task. Sometimes, it takes more critical thinking than the average person is willing to put into it. As a rule, it is easier to grab and run with what is written without considering things like context in which it was said/written, linguistics, and intent. And that is how people arrive at the poor interpretations of the Bible that we run into everywhere.

Let us look at how to interpret things that are not specifically stated, but are inferred from something else that is stated.

For example, the Bible says that the man who finds a wife has found a good thing and obtained favour from the Lord. Question: does this mean that the man who is yet to find a wife is in a bad state, or that something is wrong with him and so has not found favour with God? What of the man who finds a wife that turns out to be a pain in the neck to him? Is that favour from the Lord too?

Also, the Bible says that God loves a cheerful giver. Question: Does this mean that if a person gives grudgingly, God hates him? Would God not prefer that a man grudgingly give food to a man dying of hunger/starvation than not give at all? And no matter how grudgingly the man was to do the giving, would the act not still be a good thing in the eyes of God?

See how both examples play out? As always, I am just here to challenge your thinking and encourage critical thinking and application of Scriptures as you go about your daily affairs, not spell out the answers. God isn’t against reasoning. Jesus, the apostles, and even prophets of old and others spent a lot of time reasoning Scriptures with people. Spend more time reasoning through Scriptures. You will be slower to jump to conclusions, but you are likely to end up a more grounded Christian.


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