The goal-filled games did not happen yesterday; they happened the day before

The first leg of the Champions League Round of 16 has ended. There have been awesome games; we have watched great goals. Well, last night’s games weren’t the goal-filled games we expected, but you get the idea; the whole first leg was exciting. Remember the first two games? Benefica surprised group stage hot-shots Borussia Dortmund. Barcelona got dealt a huge deuce at the hands of PSG.

The next games weren’t too bad either. Real Madrid put three past Napoli, while Bayern Munich carried out their yearly evisceration of Arsenal. Thus ended the games of last week. This week, though, there were more of those goal-filled games to expect

.goal-filled man city vs monaco

Yesterday was an exhibition of goals. Manchester City put up arguably the comeback of the tournament with a 5-3 blasting of Monaco. Atletico Madrid trounced Bayer Leverkusen 4-2. So, all we had left was yesterday’s games. I know that everyone expected a lot of goals. I did’ however, if wishes were horses, Arsenal would win the Champions League. Let’s not call last night’s games a disappointment; after all, Juventus is one of the European greats. Heck, they played in the final in 2015.

However, those goals were not so forthcoming. As a result, last night’s matches were the least goal-filled games. Juventus won 2-0 in a dominant display; however, that’s a totally unconvincing score line. Sevilla too dominated the game against Leicester City; however, they only scored two goals against the severely demoralized Foxes. In fact, Jamie Vardy still managed to score an important away goal.

Well, this brings the first part of the Round of 16 to a somewhat underwhelming close. I personally would have loved to see, like, five goals in each match. I thought Juventus had the mettle; clearly, I underestimated Porto. How silly of me. The good thing here is that the return leg of these fixtures is not so far away. Maybe they will score these goals I’ve been blabbing about.*

*I may or may not have bet on Juventus scoring five goals. Go figure.

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