Football right now is full of highs and lows; this week showed that

You would remember how Arsenal began the week with a hard-fought 2-0 victory over Sutton United. On Sunday before that, Lincoln City FC defeated Burnley and qualified for the fifth round of the FA Cup. That’s just a quick glimpse of how the lower levels of English football are bringing the game to their seniors. Well, they certainly began this week with a bang. Football right now doesn’t obey the rules of seniority; everyone wants to grab their chance now.

football right now be crazy

On Tuesday, Manchester City dueled with Monaco. Well, you all know how that particular game ended. It was the craziest game in the Champions League Round of 16, bar only PSG’s bashing of Barcelona last week. Even last year’s finalists Atletico Madrid could not generate that much buzz; that’show insane that fixture was.

Wednesday was boring in comparison; Juventus played like Juventus plays, but they only scored two goals against Porto. Sevilla played out a 2-1 win over Leicester City. Well, that was not bad; however, it’s hard not to feel disappointed after the crazy events of Tuesday night. Well, at the same time, Manchester United quietly dispatched St. Etienne in the Europa League, so it was not a total loss. That’s football right now; highs and lows.

Thursday was a day to forget for Tottenham, as they crashed out of the Europa League. Dele Alli, usually a catalyst for victory, was an unfortunate casualty in the match against Gent; he got sent off, that’s what I’m saying. Well, now they have more time for the Premier League, right?

I’m afraid we cannot say the same for Claudio Ranieri, unfortunately. Leicester City fired the man who won them the Premier League trophy against impossible odds. Well, that’s football; furthermore, Carlo Ancelotti suffered a similar fate at Real Madrid. However, he has written his legacy in stone; nobody can erase that. Guys, football right now is so unforgiving.

football right now: Claudio Ranieri fired

Have you heard about Brown Ideye’s  proposed move to China? The striker is supposedly going to join Mikel John Obi at Tianjin TEDA. Well, some people would say he did it for the money; however, I don’t think so. Apparently, China is the New World of football right now; everyone wants to move to China. Furthermore, Brown Ideye will earn around $6 million a year. Well, I admit, it does sound like he’s going for the dollar bills.

Football this week was crazy, that’s what I’m saying.

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