Finally, Smile 4G challenges GSM networks with affordable broadband plans

Smile 4G lower cost

I am an unapologetic fan of Smile 4G broadband internet. The service isn’t perfect, but for once in all my years as an internet worker, I have one wireless internet service that I can rely on for true broadband speeds. I still keep an active mobile internet subscription from my network provider, but when its time to do heavy lifting or when I need to get things done fast, Smile 4G is what I turn to.

Yes; the service is costlier than all other consumer broadband services in Nigeria, but even that is changing now. Smile 4G has introduced two new goodies to bring wireless broadband to the average Nigerian. Here they are:

  1. Smile Lite: this gives the user 1GB data for just N1,500, with a maximum speed of 2Mbps. This brings Smile 4G internet down to the same range of tariffs that the four GSM networks are offering.
  2. The ability to buy extra data at N900 per GB for subscribers to the 10GB data plan. N900/GB is awesome. And users get maximum speed of 21Mbps.

These new tariff plans are good news, however you look at it. Yes; it can get better, and I wager that it will. As Smile’s coverage grows (and subscriber figures with it), economies of scale will kick in again and again, further dropping prices. For now, Smile is available in Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Abuja. Don’t forget that you can use the Smile 4G SIM (data only for now) in compatible smartphones and tablets, as well as in Smile’s own Mifi and router.


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